Tapioca starch can be applied in a mulitude of applications throughout the paper and food industry. Functionality, it provides / develops textural stabilizer, foam strengthener, crytallization inhibitor, film former, adesive, thickener and gelling agent.


25 kg. Paper bag
25 kg. PP/PE bag
50 kg. PP/PE bag
300 kg. PP/PE bag
500 kg. Jumbo bag
850 kg. Jumbo bag
1000 kg. Jumbo bag


Item Method Specification
Starch Content Polarimeter 85 % Min
Moisture Content Infrared rays moisture meter 13% Max
Viscosity By Brabender (6%dry basis,at peak) 550 BU Min
pH By pH meter (33% solid) 4.5 – 7.0
Ash Burning at 590 degree C, 2 hour 0.2 % Max
Pulp 140 Mesh and Centrifuge 0.2 cc Max
Sieve 100 Mesh Pass 1.0 % Max
Whiteness Kett Photoelectric Whiteness Meter 90 % Min
SO2 Distilled Method 30 ppm Max (Food)
100 ppm Max (Non – Food)

Handing and storage

Keep in dry condition and avoid ignitions