Adhesive Its relatively high viscosity affords an appreciable binding capacity, which is why starch finds much favor in the adhesive industry.

The company provides modified tapioca starches for gypsum that offer suitable in penetration and high bonding strength between gypsum studs and wall covering paper, resulted in excellent finished surface and back up surface.

Provides modified tapioca starches for corrugating product with an excellent adhesive stability that can be applied effectively to high speed modern corrugators, as a result there is less glue splashing due to its short texture and therefore there is an increase in productivity.


  • Gypsum board
  • Corrugated paperboard


  • Binder
  • Adhesive


Item Benefit

Gypsum board

– The low viscosity at higher temperature ensures a quick and almost complete migration of starch through the plaster.
– Giving an excellent adherence of the paper to the gypsum.
– The ability of forming a gel at higher concentrations and 55o C ensures an excellent moisture-resistance of the finished board when exposed to high relative humidifies.
Corrugated paperboard – Stable viscosity gives more consistent operation on the machine and a better board quality.

– Higher machine running speeds due to above reasons and the ability to run at lower glue gel point

-Provide better board stiffness

Handing and storage

Keep in dry condition and avoid ignitions